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Cesar millan dating history - world traveler dating

Marriage, as anyone who's tried it can attest, is an ongoing project. After 16 years together, their goal is to appreciate rather than resent their differences. For example, when Ilusion gets hurt, it can take her a while to get over it.

So it goes, for more than two hours: Cesar, 40, and Ilusion, 34, jabbing and parrying, cross-talking, even bickering.

When Millan and his wife, Ilusion, aren't taking turns bobbling a friend's baby on their knees or admiring their youngest son's new braces, they are talking excitedly. It's a Latino thing, Cesar explains: "Everything is so loud." Ilusion agrees: "I'm naturally a loud person. Like—" "That's so true," interjects Ilusion, vibrant in a hot pink sleeveless turtleneck and pants ironed to a sharp crease. Cesar says he was happy to exchange vows— he believed in family—but saw his wife more as a necessary encumbrance than as an equal partner.

The day she turned 18, she showed up at his door again, and soon they were inseparable.

What, you were expecting peace and quiet, muchachas? says, "and she gets into that, you know, stage, I have to say, `I'm right here. When, a few months later, she discovered she was pregnant, Cesar immediately proposed.

Cesar Millan may be known as the Dog Whisperer, but in his kitchen on a recent afternoon, there is not a moment of silence. " Her husband, looking trim in a V-neck sage-colored T-shirt and faded jeans, continues, "I feel like I'm regulating the volume of my wife's intensity. ' " Yes, that's right: When the Dog Whisperer talks to the woman he says domesticated him—call her the Man Whisperer— he's lucky to get a word in edgewise. Before their wedding, which he paid for, he washed the limousine they'd ride in himself.

"But she doesn't apply the same thing to herself," Cesar says. "I would like to have sex with you even though I'm angry." Ilusion rolls her eyes.

When Ilusion is upset, he's supposed to be patient and cuddle her, "which is opposite of what she'd do if I were going through my process." Ilusion appraises him unflinchingly. I go to sadness, and for a woman, being sad, you want comforting. Anyone who's watched Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan knows that while dog owners may think their dogs are the problem, actually the problem is them.

"It wasn't about me any more," Cesar says, musing on the moment that led them to reconcile after six months apart.

"It was about the pack." No single revelation mends all a relationship's ills. just read Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle, by Colin Tipping).

She almost died, she says, but Cesar didn't visit her until days after the surgery.

"He came to visit for two hours, but he was like, `I can't believe you're sick.' He was so annoyed." And the day she came home, "He's like, `I've got to get back to my dogs.' " Not long after, Ilusion told Cesar goodbye. "I asked God: `Why you give me the strongest, most stubborn woman in the world? Mimicking what he'd seen his father and uncles do, "I just focused on everything she did wrong," he says, a list that went "all the way from Alaska to Argentina.

' " he cries, issuing an avalanche of Spanish invective.

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