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Home Alone grossed more than $285 million in the US alone, becoming one of the highest grossing movies of all time and making Macaulay Culkin one of the biggest movie stars as a child.

During his early childhood, the family lived in a small apartment.

A post shared by Brenda Song (@brendasong) on star Mila Kunis for nearly a decade. In 2017, he began dating actress Brenda Song, another child star who you likely recognize. A post shared by Brenda Song (@brendasong) on Song and Culkin don’t typically like to name one another in interviews, but occasionally will drop tidbits of information about their relationship when asked.

Song is perhaps best known for playing London Tipton, the daughter of the hotel owner in the Disney comedy Two years ago almost to the day, I went to Thailand and made @changelandmovie with my best friends. In 2018, Culkin told Anna Faris on her podcast, “I’m with a lady right now and she is so good to me.” Song told ET in April that they bonded over being child actors, saying, “you just look each other in the eye and you nod and we know.” Culkin and Song appear to have met on the set of their new film , which was written and directed by Seth Green (another former child star).

He also studied ballet at the School of American Ballet.

writer and director John Hughes and co-star John Candy.

However, he does host a podcast, titled Bunny Ears.

And it would seem that he also doesn’t mind making the occasional public appearance — at least when cats are involved.But now, he’s in a relationship with someone can relate to how he spent his youth.Sooo excited I can finally tell you guys that Secret Obsession is premiering in @Netflix on July 18th!In 1995 his parents, separated and a greedy legal battle over the custody of their kids and Culkin’s fortune ensued.Thus, the young actor reportedly said he wouldn’t accept any roles until his parents settled their custody dispute. Instead I listened to a collection of fan voicemails we've received over the last year.