Cannibal dating site

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Cannibal dating site - dendro dating service

Many on the site claim to have killed, cooked, and eaten others.Several pages also detail how to properly prepare human flesh, and how to find someone to eat.

Among people who are empathic and care for fellow living, breathing creatures, these kinds of sites are the absolute worst Dark Web sites imaginable.

The following sites are considered to be the worst Dark Web sites rumored to exist.

Whether they're real or not may be debated, but the fact that people claim to have seen them is terrifying enough.

If you have read articles about Silk Road, then you may have already figured out that drugs and graphic videos aren't the only things that are allegedly sold on the Dark Web.

A number of sites that offer black market trading also offer hitman services.

Throughout the net, you can see rumors about sites that the Dark Web allegedly contains — and occasionally, screenshots that confirm that these sites are real.

Show less The Dark Web has become a place where horror stories are born.

As of right now, it's one of the worst Dark Web sites that police have confirmed to exist.

Warning: If you're an animal lover, you will find this post to be insanely disturbing.

Unfortunately, a sicko by the name of Peter Scully proved that red rooms are real — and that they are, in fact, on the dark web.

According to police statements, girls as young as 18 months old and as old as 12 were raped, tortured, and even killed on live camera for his Dark Web red room site.

Without a doubt, the worst category of Dark Web sites involve red rooms.

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    The cute beauty got into trouble: she sprained her ankle. Trap the girl into a private room and let her feel like a woman.

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