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Take a note of: proposed finishes, kitchen storage, countertops and brands in the appliance package, the number of bedrooms, built-in storage, overall square footage, number of bathrooms, rear access, locations for refuse, off-street parking, distance to shops and schools, bus or rail stops, ambient noise from overhead flight paths or busy roads and asking price.Mark each out of 10 and input the figures to an excel spreadsheet so at a glance the pros and cons of each property will be evident. When you make your decision, you then need to do a comprehensive snag list, says Róisín Lafferty of Kingston Lafferty.

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Her agency usually recommends three to four solicitors that have handled homes on that particular scheme because they usually offer a competitive rate, and are already familiar with the property and the issues that might arise.

Schools are becoming a big issue for would-be parents and parents of small children, Byrne says.

“In some housing estates the catchment boundaries bisect the same street or road, so while agents will list the schools in an area, buyers need to do their own homework to find out if the development’s address falls within a certain school’s catchment area.

On viewing day everything will be immaculate, says Muriel Simpson, associate director at House & Garden Furnishings.

“So switch off lights to see rooms in real daylight.

If driving there, double-check the mileage, timings and distances in your own car.

If buying within the Greater Dublin Area, invest in a large, up-to-date map of Leinster and physically pinpoint the location of each development you view to gain a proper overview of each site’s proximity to amenities and road, bus and rail commuter options.

“You should be allowed to review the property before final handover.

Go through it room by room, checking the level of finish in the paintwork, kitchen and wardrobe joinery and in bathrooms check the tiling and that the plumbing and toilets work.

In addition to the purchase price of the property there are other costs to consider.

The booking deposit is usually 2-5 per cent of the purchase price and payable once the offer has been accepted.

Also allow for an annual service charge and multiply this outlay by the duration of the mortgage to get a clear view of the actual long-term cost. Where can you get a late-night or early morning pint of milk, for instance? Is there a neighbourhood restaurant where you can go for a bite to eat or a pub for a quiet drink?

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