Best dating conversation topics strategy men

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Best dating conversation topics strategy men

Cosmo knows that the biggest hurdle in hooking a new guy is choosing the perfect words or executing an eye-catching stunt that will launch you into a full-on flirtation.So we devised a handy chat-him-up crib sheet filled with sizzling, surprising icebreakers that will make babes eager to banter with you. The beach is bustling, with bronzed boys everywhere...

Rub it on your shoulders, then strain to reach the middle of your back, look defeated, and ask him for a heavenly hand. Make up any rules you want — as long as they have you running around a lot and cheering loudly.

If he works there, special-order an out-of-stock book and ask him to call you — any time at all — when it comes in.

Pick out a humor book, sit down next to him, and start laughing seductively. When he comes into the kitchen for another beer, enlist his help in opening a jar of olives or a bottle of wine. Didn't we meet at Lisa's coed naked lawn-bowling party?

Get the gals together and start a rowdy game of Sandbunny. When a circle of intrigued sporty studs forms around you and your bunny-mates, challenge them to a game.

If you spy a cutie with a cooler of drinks, saunter over to him and offer a tantalizing trade.

In front of the guy who's caught your eye, loudly announce to a pal that you're launching a thrill campaign to add excitement to your life — and you're now officially up for almost anything. " You're getting hot at the gym, and it's not from working out...

Lay your mat near a dude doing crunches, and when he takes a sit-up break, ever-so-politely ask if he can show you the best move to get six-pack abs.Go to a sports bar wearing the cap of your favorite baseball, basketball, or football team.Guys who are also fans will want to bond, while rivals will pick a flirty fight. Start eyeing the ground, especially near that dude you'd like to date.Say, "I'll give you half of this watermelon for a couple of sodas. " Ask a cute beachcomber to take a picture of you "to send to a friend." Ask him if he'll pose in the shot and pretend to be your boyfriend.(Just kidding.)It's Saturday night, and the bar is swarming with single studs...After breaking a sweat, turn to a mouthwatering man and exclaim, "Ooh, I can't catch my breath — I just don't know if it's the workout or the company." In the coffee shop, you scope out a hunky java junkie...

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