Apple stocks app not updating

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Apple stocks app not updating - who is lou taylor pucci dating

Apple has redesigned the status bar to be more like the i Phone X, too.

Switching or closing apps works the same way as before once you're there.Tapping on an individual stock brings up a neat graph of the stock's performance that you can customize to show performance over a day, a week, a month, three months, six months, a year, or two years.Below that, there's a feed of related stories from Apple News.The Stocks app probably isn't used by everybody, but Apple hasn't forgotten about it. The main view dedicates half the screen to a quick view of how your chosen stocks are performing, and the other half is dedicated to Apple News stories related to those stocks.As an alternative, you can make the stock view fill the whole screen or the news view.When I have used the News app in the past, I used saved stories Whether Apple News is worth this level of ubiquity across the OS depends on how good you think Apple News is.

Apple says it wants to ensure higher quality through human curation—not just algorithmic curation—the latter is arguably more easily gamed by unscrupulous publishers.You can import RAW photos and edit them directly on any i Pad with an A9 chip or later.We didn't test this, but those who have are generally positive about it As with i Phones, Apple focused on improving performance for i Pads over adding new features in this OS update. As is often the case, much of the meat of i OS 12 is buried in various options in the Settings app.Not everything here is new, but it is a more convenient and robust experience.At the top of the "Passwords & Accounts" settings panel, you'll see an option called "Website & App Passwords." This takes you to a searchable list of all your stored passwords.Apple has consolidated the "Search" and "Following" tabs into one tab called "Channels," which is fine.