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The music played is from the country that inspired your massage and, when your treatment finishes, you get a post-pampering treat that is also from that country.The relaxation area needs work, it’s not that relaxing at the moment, feels a little bit like a dentist’s waiting room and the changing rooms could use their space better (there is a ridiculous amount of room given over to hair care – four blowdrying stations and yet not one private undressing cubicle).

It’s dinky but adorable and managed by Amanresorts, so utterly top-notch to boot.The therapists are excellent (it’s the only spa in the UK offering Dr Perricone facials – his skincare range is huge in America and one of the best I’ve ever tried) and, better still, the lack of facilities means the prices are very agreeable.A 60-minute facial or a 60-minute massage is from £90, that’s at least £30 cheaper than some of its rivals – and the quality of the therapists is way above that in most of the other hotels.There’s no sauna, no swimming pool, no steam room – there’s not even a relaxation area. The company runs some of the world’s best spas including Parrot Cay in the Caribbean and Como Shambhala Estate in Bali and its legion of celebrity fans run from Demi Moore to Daniel Craig.It just has six treatment rooms, two of which are doubles and have steam showers (no need for the smelling salts – I think I can contain my excitement). The idea is that The Met will provide an urban lifesaver for Como’s British fans in between long-haul jaunts.Espa Life at Corinthia There’s not a spa like this in London. You get the impression that the owners will be very angry indeed if they haven’t spent as much as humanly possible on creating the ultimate pamper palace – even the changing rooms are lavish, with gorgeous cream leather (it’s like undressing in a Ferrari… The thermal suite with its ampitheatre-style glass sauna and super-cool swimming pool is the sexiest in the capital.

The only annoying thing is you have to pay to use it – even if you have booked a treatment – and it’s £95 for three hours.The discreet design (honey oak, dove grey Portland stone, virginal marble, white wicker furniture, Thai silks) makes the most of its relatively small basement space and clever lighting of the latticework in the tiny pool gives the illusion of sunshine streaming through.It’s perfect for watsu (water shiatsu), which is my favourite treatment (the therapist stretches and bends your floating limbs so that you feel as flexible as Darcey Bussell).This is the core of the Espa Life concept, which the company is rolling out at the moment.London was the first, one has recently opened at Gleneagles too, Marrakesh is next.The team is headed by The Gatekeeper – the very Tinker-Tailor title given to its excellent naturopath Hannah Yang.

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