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Aliens are categorized in several ways: resident and nonresident, immigrant and nonimmigrant, documented and undocumented ("illegal"). The decision reaffirmed that Due Process Clause protections still existed for this narrowly defined class of persons who faced deportation. The act, like the AEDPA, affects and amends several other provisions in the U. Of significance to aliens, Section 412 of the act provides for mandatory detention of suspected aliens. In 1875, the United States passed the first of many restrictive laws intended to keep out certain aliens. Since the late 1980s, a new theme has entered public discussion: opposing Welfare benefits to legal immigrants. citizenship by living and acquiring citizenship in another country. 653 (US 2001), where a narrow majority ruled that deportable aliens with criminal records could not be detained indefinitely when their countries of nationality refused their return. Over 100 pages long, the act contains over 150 sections under ten titles. Its benefits are tangible: generally, aliens recognized by law to have gained entry have more rights than those who have not gained entry.

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As author Roberta Smith noted in her 1997 law journal article, "America Tries to Come to Terms With Terrorism: The United States Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 v. Mostly in response to the Oklahoma bombing, Congress in 1996 passed the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA), P. Moreover, charges of terrorism could rest entirely on confidential reports not disclosed to the subject alien. Many foreign students accepted into scientific or academic programs were ultimately denied visas. Instead of opening its doors to just anyone, they argued, the nation should be more selective.

Foreign-born persons who have not been naturalized to become U. Generally, a person born in a foreign country is an alien, but a child born in a foreign nation to parents who are U. Ultimately, it also provides the means by which certain aliens are naturalized as new citizens with all the rights of citizenship. In the legislative branch of government, this power has no equal. Aliens (non–citizens owing political allegiance to another country) are generally afforded certain fundamental rights and protections under the U. International Law uses the term "alien enemy" to indicate a person who is the subject or citizen of a nation hostile to, or at war with, the nation in which the alien is found. That distinction closely paralleled the terms of distinction between nonimmigrant aliens and illegal aliens. Any subsequent entry of that person's name or data in any other legal system, even for minor traffic offenses, will trigger arrest and deportation. It holds that welfare is equally wrong for both because it creates dependence over several generations and leads, as the prominent critic Charles Murray has asserted, to social ills such as crime, drug addiction, and illegitimate children. Immigrants were supposed to meet this requirement by having a sponsor family that would help feed, clothe, and care for them.

The federal immigration laws determine whether a person is an alien. It has much to say about the legal rights, duties, and obligations of aliens in the United States, which, in some respects, are different from those of citizens. Supreme Since the September 11th Attacks on the United States in 2001, the status of aliens physically within the United States or its territories has been decidedly more tenuous. For example, the of the Fourteenth Amendment states, in relevant part, that "no person shall be deprived of life or liberty without due process of law." But other constitutional provisions reserve certain fundamental rights to citizens only; for example, the guarantee the right "of citizens of the United States" to vote. Before these acts were passed, excludable aliens (those whose right to enter the United States was questioned by the Immigration and Naturalization Service [INS] prior to entry) were distinguished from deportable aliens (those whose entry into the United States was found to be illegal, or whose right to stay in the United States had terminated), and different correlative rights were attached to each. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) feeds information into the FBI's crime database, particularly concerning aliens who have received final deportation orders but failed to show for their exit trip. This view does not discriminate between citizens and aliens. 4978) was on family unification: it stressed immigration by relatives of U. citizens and resident aliens, the majority of whom were generally granted visas as long as they did not become "public charges,"that is, welfare recipients.

Millions of foreign-born persons travel, work, and study in the country, and hundreds of thousands more choose to immigrate and become U. At the simplest level, the law serves as a gatekeeper for the nation's borders: it determines who may enter, how long they may stay, and when they must leave. Further, certain aliens may be held for seven days without being charged and might possibly be detained indefinitely if deemed not removable. Disliking everything from skin color to habits of speech, appearance, and worship, citizens have consistently opposed certain immigrants: the Irish in the 1800s, Jews and Slavs in the early twentieth century, and Southeast Asians subsequently. The influential conservative author George Will argued that aliens are brainwashed in much the same way as poor U. citizens—into believing that welfare is a normal way of life.

The United States welcomes a large number of aliens every year. All of them are subject to federal immigration law. In the wake of the September 2001 attacks, Congress passed the all-encompassing (formally, the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act), H. Aliens are suspect under the act for any of seven enumerated causes for detention. A powerful force behind federal legislation has always been widespread hostility toward some new arrivals. Opponents of providing welfare for immigrants usually voiced such opposition within a general context of opposition to the welfare system.

With a few notable exceptions concerning the right of aliens to constitutional protections, the courts have rarely intruded. It is much easier to obtain nonimmigrant visas, which are primarily issued to tourists and temporary business visitors.

Normally, aliens wishing to enter the United States first apply for a visa at one of the over two hundred U. Two types of visas exist: immigrant visas and nonimmigrant visas. Moreover, congressional authority preempts all state laws and regulations and even addresses the rights of aliens during wartime. Nonimmigrant visas are divided into eighteen main categories ranging from vacationers and diplomatic personnel to athletes, temporary workers, and students. Presidents have no inherent say; their influence is limited to policies on Refugees. In 1993, the INS admitted 21,447,000 nonimmigrants to the United States. A dazzling number of political reasons made Congress create a patchwork of preferences, exceptions, and quotas, each reflecting who was wanted and who was not. Related legislation, the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986, 8 U. Calls for reforming the agency led in 2002 to a call to abolish the agency. The BCIS does not possess all of the powers that the INS once had. For decades, the INA was easily tinkered with through amendments and bills. The IRCA toughened criminal sanctions for employers who hire illegal aliens, denied these aliens federally funded Welfare benefits, and legitimized some aliens through an Amnesty program. Fairness issues helped influence the second major reform, the Immigration Act of 1990, Pub. According to a number of lawmakers and other commentators, the INS was the worst managed agency in the federal government. 2135 (codified as amended in scattered sections of 6 U. The primary mission of the DHS is to prevent terrorist attacks, reduce the vulnerability of the United States to Terrorism, and minimize any damage and assist in any recovery should terror-ist attacks occur in the country."Arab Americans, Civil Rights Leaders Criticize Deportation Initiative." 2002. This case is made in detail in a 1995 book called The Immigration Wave: A Plea to Hold It Back, by Brimelow, himself an immigrant from England.

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