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The second level is also conducted on an outpatient basis, but includes the option for daily monitoring of the alcohol detox process by a trained nurse, sometimes for several hours.

For most patients, a medically supervised alcohol detox program is necessary.

Due to the nature of addiction, a person who is attempting to detox from alcohol will likely experience strong cravings for another drink.

These cravings are hard to keep in check and, if left to detox at home on their own, many patients would likely give in to the urge to drink and terminate the detox process.

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No matter what the illness, medical professionals realize that no two patients are alike and, thus, must tailor treatment accordingly.

For example, some heart patients may respond well to a modified diet while others may need special medication to achieve the same result.

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The treatment will be administered by trained clinical professionals who will evaluate the patient, administer the detox program, and refer the patient to post-detox follow-up services.